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About Us

Mission Statement

Discover Danville Association is a collective group of downtown businesses which seek to improve the economic vibrancy, town centricity and tourism while maintaining the village atmosphere.  

We are accomplishing this by working with local government and like focused organizations to drive progressive change in the development of the downtown.


With other East Bay locales spending much time, energy and money on the revitalization of their downtown areas, there is increased competition for the time and attention of residents of the tri-valley area, particularly Danville, Alamo, Diablo, and San Ramon.  This competition is pulling our local residents away from Danville's potential as a shopping and recreational destination.

To keep these local residents invested in supporting Danville we must increase awareness of Danville's shopping value, pedestrian safety, recreational viability and appealing charm with East Bay consumers.  The vision is an attractive, vibrant downtown lined with flowers, benches and lighted trees, bustling with local residents shopping in the many interesting shops in Danville's charming atmosphere or as our association's slogan suggests "small town charm, sophisticated choices.

"Discover Danville" is a non-profit organization.  We have been granted by the Town of Danville business promotion funds for 2006/2007 to help promote and brand the Town of Danville.  These funds are earmarked for the following activities and campaigns under the shop, dine and play theme:

  • Discover Danville "Thursday Nights"
  • Two evening concerts
  • Town Branding and formal marketing and advertising plan
  • Advertising in local media
  • Update of the merchants and restaurants downtown map
  • Improve Hartz Ave. and Prospect Ave. street lighting to improve aesthetics, store fronts and general feeling of public safety.
  • Form a Landlords/Building owner's council to work with the merchant's council and the Town of Danville.
  • Monthly liaison meetings with Danville Town Council members
  • Research and develop the pros and cons of a Business Improvement District for downtown Danville.
  • The Board of Directors and interested members meet bi-monthly with representatives from the Danville Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Danville.  This provides the association with a unique opportunity to use the primary business resources of the community to support our mission. 

Membership in this dynamic association is $60.00 per year and entitles each business to have a voice in shaping the future of Danville.

Board of Director's & Officers

Rick Kemsley - Director, Membership Director
Wayne Wickham - President & Executive Director 
Gary Smith - Treasurer
Judy Mena - Fundraising Director
Linda Stolow - Secretary
Kim Lindberg