The Popular Tourist Attraction in France

Are you thinking of where to go during this long vacation? Worry no more you can visit France, this country comes first position in the world tourism, because of the historical museum, attractive beaches and the enjoyable climate. The following are the popular attraction you will love to sight see.

Visit the Disneyland of Entertainment

This resort is open in the central Paris, it is used as an entertainment center for tourists. It was found in the year 1992, it attracts millions of tourists. Disneyland is known as one of the most famous highlights for tourists. The resort covers 4800 acres of land which contains the garage, shopping and amusement area. In these resorts there are 62 shops, 5800 luxury hotel rooms, they also have 55463 workers in 500 different departments. They offer tourists different amount of amusement venues, shopping experience and restaurant. The Disney atelier display movie designed on rides, behind the scenes of successful movies and business show.

The Historical Construction in Paris

The second historical construction you will love to see is “Arc de Triomphe, Paris”, this is the most famous conquering arc in Paris. This arc was ordered to be constructed by French emperor Napoleon to appreciate the warriors who went to the war with him, in the year 1806. During the construction of this memorial structure the ancient astylar style was used, the name of Napoleonic and the first French country war was written on the white wall of the memorial structure. There is also a tomb of an unknown warrior from the First World War buried under the memorial structure. While the first one is Eiffel Tower, Paris; this tower is the tallest man made architecture in the whole world, it is 320 meters high, and for the next 41 years it will still be the tallest tower in the universe. The construction begins in the year 1887, and it takes them two years to complete the construction. This tower was named after the head constructor of the tower.

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