Procedures of getting a tourist Visa

Traveling is a necessity these days. Going abroad often requires administrative procedures to be carried out. Most of the time, it is advisable to have a tourist visa to travel to foreign countries. Follow some advice on visa preparation.

Time frame for a tourist visa?

As part of a tourist trip, it is important to have a visa. In reality, the time taken to obtain a tourist visa varies from one country to another and varies according to the organization of each embassy. For example, the Chinese visa comes out five working days after you deposit, while the Russian visa comes out after ten working days. In other countries the process doesn’t go that way, your file might take weeks to be processed. The best thing is to check with the embassy, especially regarding the visa validity period. This will help you to apply for the visa at the right time. There is also the possibility of obtaining an emergency visa. It comes out between 24 hrs and 72 hrs. It is important to know that this is not accessible at all times and requires the presentation of emergency supporting documents.

Where to get information for a tourist visa

In general, it is necessary to approach directly the embassy or consulate of the country concerned. For those who prefer to get information online, just click on the « travel advice » section on the government website. There is also a device which consists of registering biometric data. Its purpose is to secure them and register you with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. You therefore have the option of subscribing to this service. It transmits alerts and security advice in case of need through your email. Also, he will contact you in case the country you are in is in crisis. This device can also come into contact with a person you have previously identified in an emergency.